High viewpoints provide the perfect solution to showcasing a property where space is limited, or where a property needs to be seen in its surroundings.

Shooting from a mast allows detailed high-level photographs to be produced that cannot be shot from the ground or on a budget that doesn't allow for true aerial photographs to be shot.

Photographing buildings is a bit like photographing people - we don't produce portraits looking up someone's nose, or down at the top of their heads.  Buildings are the same - they benefit from being photographed from just the right height, which is usually somewhere between the top of the first floor and just above the bottom edge of the roof.  Shooting from the wrong angle, like shooting people, can simply make them look bad.

Our mast can be very quickly set up in very tight spaces.  We can shoot property so that you can see the layout of paths, gardens, walls and outbuildings.  We shoot over walls and hedges, and from across the street with ease, ensuring that the best possible view of the property is obtained.

Mast photography is often touted as a cheap alternative to real aerial photography, but in truth it is an entirely separate solution to a particular problem.  Aerial photography from real aircraft (which have to fly above 500 feet) will almost certainly be shot from too high up.  All but the moist expensive drones carry very small light weight cameras that produce poor quality, distorted images.  A mast puts the right camera in the right place without any fuss.

Elevated mast photography is included in all our standard property packages, making it even more cost-effective.