Floor Plans

Floor plans are now one of the most important elements of property marketing.

Sellers quite sensibly rely on them to give prospective buyers a better feel for the property before they arrange a visit, while as many as 50% of buyers won’t arrange a viewing on a property that doesn’t have a floor plan included in the marketing material.

We can produce black and white and colour floor plans.  Each room is laser measured and the results are used to produce accurate floor plans suitable for both on-line and print marketing.

So why do buyers love floor plans so much?


They don’t just help buyers work out if a property will work for them before they visit and buyers will keep visualizing themselves in the property right up to completion day.  They want to know how ALL the rooms link together and how their busy family will live with each other, will their be traffic jams on the upstairs landing, can the table be laid with out getting in the way of the computer, is there enough space form the kids to play on the floor?

Will it fit?

This is a big question for buyers.  They may have treasured furniture, giant beds or L-shaped sofas that they are simply not prepared to part with and accurate floor plans will help them work out if they can get their stuff in your house.  There’s no point them wasting your time with a viewing if they can’t get their bed up stairs.

Senior Moments

We all suffer from bad memory at one time or another and the high pressure situation of a house viewing tends to make this worse.  It’s easy for buyers to convince themselves about something and then end up disagreeing about what they saw. This is particularly the case when one half of a buying partnership falls in love with a property and the other is less convinced.  Your floor plans could settle this, making your buyers happy, less argumentative and less likely to demand yet another viewing when you wanted to watch the telly.


As much as you love your home (or maybe you don’t, after all you are selling) your prospective buyer might like its bones more than skin.  Your buyers might be planning to turn your Victorian revival in to a modernist dream, and a floor pan helps them work out if this is possible.  Buyers with this much ambition will probably fall in to the 50% of people who won’t view a property if they haven’t seen a floor plan.


Whatever your buyers dreams might be, they need to be sure that their dreams can be realized.  Photographs are brilliant for showing the condition of your property and how well it’s been cared for, they are great for communicating how you live in your home, but they’re not so great at allowing dreamers to dream.  Photographs tend to fix peoples idea of how a house works, floor plans let dreamers dream of a new life.

The single combing factor in all of this is that selling a property is all about the buyers life style and what they want from their new home.  You need to be thinking about selling someone their dream, not shoehorning buyers in to your old dream home.

2D Floor Plans in B&W
2D Floor Plans in colour
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