Residential Property Photography

When selling a home, residential property photography has an important role to play.

The old norms of going to your local estate agent, putting an ad in their shop window and the local paper and then waiting for the offers to roll in have long gone. If you have bought or sold a property in the last 10 years you won’t be surprised to learn that the entire UK property market has moved on-line.

Every buyer now scrolls through hundreds of properties before they ever get round to visiting an estate agent.  This means sellers have to use internet shopping methods to get potential buyers to pay attention. Presented with hundreds of properties, buyers may spend months searching the internet looking for their perfect home. And people have a very short on-line attention span.

On most web pages, the Three Second Rule applies, but on the property pages, your home may be looked at for less than a second before the buyer scrolls down the page. You need to stand out from the crowd and grab your buyers attention if you want them to click through to your property’s description and actually read something.  On the internet your property needs to look like the buyer’s dream home.

We provide competitive and cost-effective residential property photography for estate agents and home owners that makes a property looks its best.  We photograph every room in the house as well as all aspects of the outside of the property to ensure viewers get a full picture of the property.

We also ensure that the property is not misrepresented.  We do a lot of post-production on our pictures, but we do not digitally manipulate them to make them look better than they really are.  When we photograph the outsides we do not choose viewpoints that hide important features like the shop next door or the pylon at the bottom of the garden.  If it’s there, it will almost certainly be in the pictures.  This is very important in meeting the professional code of practice for estate agents.

The home owners guide to residential property photography

Clean the house and remove the clutter

When we photograph your house we have a legal duty to represent it in fair and honest way. We cannot digitally clean your house or remove things you wish you had hidden. In short we cannot use PhotoShop to make structural or decorative improvements to your home. You need to make sure it’s clean and tidy. Get rid of all bottles in the bathroom, put away all the gadgets that are currently living on your kitchen work surfaces, polish any hard floors, hire a carpet cleaner if your need to. Every prospective buyer will walk through your home working out how much they need to spend on it. Unless you are selling a doer-upper, a dirty bathroom could be hundreds off the asking price, stained carpets could cost you thousands, and a cluttered and cramped looking kitchen could be a deal breaker.

Re-arrange the furniture - sell the dream

Re-arranging the furniture to maximise space not only makes your home look bigger, it gives buyers a better idea on how they could live in your home. Remember you are selling someone their dream home, not the four walls that you desperately need to get out of. Your lounge is not a toy cupboard, your bedroom is more than a wardrobe, your spare bedroom is not a store room. And remember, it has to look like this when prospective buyers visit, not just when the pictures are taken.

Catch up on the DIY

All those little DIY jobs you’ve been putting off because they take a lot time and bit on money need to be done. Those holes in walls where the shelves used to be, the skirting board that needs to be refixed and the doors that need a coat of paint will knock far more off the asking price than they will cost to put right.

Don’t forget the garden

OK, so we only get to spend a few days a year sunning ourselves in the garden, but we’re British, we like like our gardens. Even if your garden is going to be a ‘project’ for the new owners, make sure they can see the wood for the trees. Get out the sweeping brush, the hoe and the jet wash, remove ALL the rubbish, mow the lawn and clean up the shed. If a couple are looking round your home, one might be working out where the sofa goes while the other will be imagining the summer barbecue. I know this all sounds like hard work, but it is worth it. And the bad news, come rain or shine, you have to keep it like this until it’s sold.

on-line estate agents

There are many on-line estate agents to chose from and you need to make important decision before you decide to play with the brave young things.

It’s not much different from choosing a local estate agent, except all your research will be made on-line – no point asking the queue in the post office if  Purple Bricks are better than House Simple.  It easy to find reviews of anything on the internet, but the big problem is that disgruntled customers are much more likely to leave feedback than people who had a positive experience.

We’re not about to make this decision easier for you, but we can make things easier once you’ve decided who to use.

There just a things you need to bear in mind.

Some agents will ask you to provide your own pictures. Shooting them yourself will save you a few pounds, but unless you know what your doing it will have an adverse impact on the number of click-throughs you get. And as any agent will tell you, more click-throughs equals more viewings.

For agents who are offering to shoot the pictures for you, check out who will be taking the pictures. It may be the valuer with a nice camera, but nice cameras don’t always mean nice pictures. Also check out how much they are charging for ‘professional’ pictures and exactly what you will be getting for your money.

Not all professional photographs are shot by professional photographers. You don’t need any qualifications or registrations to be a professional photographer, so even they say they are professional pictures, use you own judgement to work out if the type of pictures they produce are going to do your home justice.

If you are paying your on-line agent to produce the picture for you check out who owns the pictures. If you decide to change agents at some point in the future will you be able to give the pictures to your new agent? You are free to give our pictures to any and all agents of your choice.

Download a free guide to photographing your home

Home Owners Guide to Residential Property Photography

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